24 November 2008

weekends are fun :D

So we didnt have skl on thursday so me and Eva la Diva went into town, then back to my place. In the evening a load of ppl from skl had decided to go to the cinema and see twilight, but we couldnt get our tickets (me and 7 others) so we all went to McDos. honestly, all we did was sit and watch Emma and Paul fight. i missed my old friends so much, so i sent some of them texts saying that.

Friday was normal school day, then straight to swimming for 1½ hours, then shower and get changed into my new dress that i'd bought when i was with Eva la Diva, and went to Nancy's house for her birthday dinner. it was really fun, and in the end we ended up prankcalling people. it was hilarious cuz we confused the people sooo much since everyone was talking at once.

Saturday, we went to see Twilight haha. We'd all wanted to see it, so we figured we'd go. We didnt invite the 4 guys that were with us on Thursday, but then again, they wouldnt have wanted to go anyway haha. it was a great film! but i still thnk that Edward shouldnt have been driving a volvo. and Bella shouldve smiled at least once, and been a better friends to the people she hung out with, she was always so boring around them. after the film we thought about going to see another one, but in the end we went to my place and rented the Eye. it wasnt as good as i thoght it would be.

thats enough of my weekend


14 November 2008

Theme week

Hey! :)

Monday was pyjama day, and here's a pic. it was a really fun day, musta been the whole wearing pjs in skl hahah. but i had fun all day.

Tuesday : emos vs brats. i wasnt as emo as i coulda been so you just get a lovely piccy of my leg hahah

hahah here's a pic of me and Eva la Diva, who never normally looks like this even though she should. like i said, i dont look very emo, cuz by the time this pic was taken, all my black eyeliner and eyeshadow had smudged.
Wednesday: twin day. we didnt go as twins because we couldnt decide what to wear, but some fun twins were two pirates (they should have won), two guys in girls clothes (but they werent wearing the same clothes, so they couldnt win. however, they looked incredibly hilrious.) , and loads of others.
Thursday: yellow day. a girl literally came into skl with yellow face and arms, and she won. other people wore yellow everything. i settled for a yellow blouse-ish thing with yellowish leopard print high-heels. they really hurt to walk around in haha.
Friday: well let me tell you, it's not been a good day for me. it was raining this morning and i had to walk from valand to bio roy in the pouring rain (which isnt that far, but horrible in the rain, specially when i didnt bring an umbrella and my jacket isnt really waterproof.) it was hiphop vs rock today, but not many people dressed up. the people that did looked good though. 3 girls from my class drew stars on their faces kiss-style, which looked hilarious.
during art i went come cuz i had a headache, and as soon as i got home i went to sleep. i was in bed for an hour - 30 mins sleeping and 30 mins trying to get up because i really didnt want to leave the warmth of my bed. then i ate and went to swimming.
when i got home, i just felt like a zombie - i was that tired. so im sticking to the tv and computer for tonight.

9 November 2008


So I deleted all the sad, weird entries, and from now on I'll try to write more positive ones.

It's Sunday evening, and I'm supposed to be doing homework. I have to find information on the biotic factors of a stream, but I just can't seem to find any useful info. I need it for tomorrow so we can work on our poster, but googling "biotic factors of a stream" isn't working out. It's already 10pm and I need to finish this so I can go to sleep.

So tomorrow, theme week starts.

Monday - pj day, and I'm gonna wear pink pj bottoms, a white vest top, a purple cardy/hoodie, and purple furry slippers haha. I think it's gonna be great, one of those days when you just get up and go straight to school without putting on real clothes (I know you've wanted to just as much as I have. Those cold, dark winter days, nothing is more tempting than going to school in your pjs, with your duvet wrapped around you.)

Tuesday - emos vs brats. I think I might go as an emo, but not quite sure what to wear. Probably my converse (even if they are high-heeled), black clothes, back eyeliner, and maybe something hot pink, if I can find it in my incredibly messy wardrobe.

Wednesday - twin day. Me and Eva la Diva decided to go as twins, but I don't know if we'll wear, or even if we'll actually do it.

Thursday - yellow day. So far I have found a yellow blouse-kinda-thing, and yellowish-leopard print high-heels. They don't match though, so I'm going to have to pick just one. Unfortunately, that's all the yellow stuff I have, so I might not be as yellow as everyone else.

Friday - rock vs hiphop. I have no idea what to wear. Or even which one to choose. I think I might go with rock, but like I said, I have no idea what to wear.

Well I definately think this is going to be an unusual week, hopefully good unusual, and not bad unusual. I'll take pictures of what I wear on all the days, and post them on my blog so people will actually believe that yes I did go to school in my pjs.